19 May, 2009

A Parenting Champion for Wales?

The Welsh Assembly’s Children and Young Peoples committee is calling for “a senior figure, who wouldn’t be a civil servant or a Government minister, but who would work with the Government to co-ordinate parenting support.” Committee chair Helen Mary Jones said: “The impact of parenting on a child is profound and lasts for lifetimes, affecting the contribution a child makes to their society. Yet so often the value of parenting is overlooked in our culture, and only gets attention when something goes wrong.

18 May, 2009

Maternal Leadership and the MPQ

My article in Managing Maternity Spring 2009 newsletter with brief look at the choice we make moment by moment between seeing new motherhood as a leadership development step on the one hand or a challenge to leadership progress on the other. Maternal Leadership and the MPQ
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14 May, 2009

Why XX must think like XY to earn more K

Prof Marilyn Davidson’s clear, persuasive account on BBC news - Marilyn Davidson on gender pay as to how gender pay imbalances might be more to do with gender-related expectations than caused by any deliberate or unwitting prejudices on the part of the employer.

11 May, 2009

LBC Interview Petrie Hosken

Great to be invited back again to live interview on LBC Radio this evening for parent coaching tips. Petrie Hosken was discussing how we can avoid putting down an ex-partner in front of the children when a relationship breaks up; prompted by a current news story. Parenting is such a challenging journey and there’s so much scope for catching ourselves getting it wrong. What makes me passionate about parent coaching is the scope we have get back in touch with our own resources and values for how to get it ‘right’ in our own terms; and how to increase our self-acceptance so we allow ourselves to learn and grow with our kids.