20 March, 2010

Mothering Heights: Home vs Work

Anne Langslow and Jennifer Liston-Smith led a lively ‘Home vs Work’ workshop weighing up the push and pull factors that lead mothers to wish to spend more time either at home or at work, at a conference organised by Oxford Life Charity on 20th March, 2010. Anne Lansglow, under her pen-name, Anna Melchior, is author of a thought-provoking book Mothering: A Spiritual and Practical Approach. arguing the case for full-time or ‘mostly mothering’, including addressing the way in which society and the tax system could be rethought to enable this.
Alongside this, Jennifer Liston-Smith explored in detail the three factors that are behind a change in the way working motherhood is percieved and organised: legislation and public policy in favour of parental rights, the changing demographics in the workforce with employers’ drive to retain the talents of senior women; and the ability of women to be assertive, in a win-win way about what is needed.

A video overview of the conference appears on the Oxford Brookes TV website, reported by Chibuzor Egbuniwe, with some coverage of the wonderful Keynote by Prof. Joan Raphael-Leff and a glimpse of Tanith Carey, whose Keynote passed on some of her brilliant tips for time-stretched mums.
Joan Raphael-Leff - Pregnancy: The Inside Story
Tanith Carey - How to be an ‘Amazing Mum’ When You Just Don’t Have the Time
Anna Melchior - Mothering: A Spiritual and Practical Approach

12 March, 2010

Transitions and the Meaning of Life: The Vital Role of Coaching Psychology

Jennifer Liston-Smith; Siobhain O’Riordan and Sheila Panchal led a workshop at the Association for Coaching Conference Going Global 2010, exploring the implications for coaching of three ‘meaning of life’ turning points across the lifespan: turning 30 (Sheila Panchal), becoming a parent (Jennifer Liston-Smith) and Retirement / later life (Dr. Siobhain O’Riordan).

The conference programme information read like this:
Workshop: ‘Transitions and the Meaning of Life: The Vital Role of Coaching Psychology’
Do you coach people through those big ‘meaning of life’ moments? With bags of experience working in major organisations and of shaping the world of coaching psychology, these presenters will share an opportunity to deepen your work with people who are Turning 30, Becoming a Parent or Retiring. And you’ll have a chance to refresh your own life vision! Come and share a lively exploration of the psychology behind transitions and an upbeat look at today’s generational factors, globalisation, and global repositioning. Placed in context with questions such as, ‘How do these affect people’s transitions today?’ and ‘What are the new pressures, challenges and opportunities?’