24 February, 2010

Transition to Motherhood in WorkingMums Magazine

Mandy Garner, Editor of WorkingMums, wrote this thoughtful profile piece on the Transition to Motherhood following our interesting interview.
WorkingMums Transition to Motherhood

06 March, 2009

Report on European Coaching Psychology Conference in Coaching at Work

News report by Jennifer Liston-Smith and Alanna O’Broin published Coaching at Work, Volume 4, Issue 2

Different ways of “meaning making” in an uncertain economic environment was a strong theme from the end-of-conference speakers’ panel, as were paths to transformational adult learning ... Stephen Palmer, commenting on the 2,300-strong membership of the British Psychological Society’s Special Group in Coaching Psychology, expressed a strong wish to see further coaching psychology conferences in Europe.

02 January, 2009

Keeping mum in the workplace

Research News article by Jennifer Liston-Smith and Margaret Chapman published in Coaching at Work Volume 4, Issue 1

Female leaders are discovering that the ‘mothering’ skills they acquire on maternity leave are also distinctly new talents critical to successful leadership

14 August, 2008

Nine months is only the start: Managing maternity

piece by Annie Hayes including interview with Jennifer Liston-Smith published in HR Zone

Sticking to the regulations is only half the battle when it comes to managing maternity in the workplace, yet in a shrinking talent pool managing the issues is crucial for success.
Poorly managed maternity is costly for employers. Those that recognise this realise that pregnancy and the early years of parenting can represent a critical period in the career of women and, without adequate strategies in place, they risk losing key skills.