06 March, 2009

Ernst & Young report Groundbreakers - Using the Strength of Women to Rebuild the Economy

Ernst & Young report “Groundbreakers” on the significant contributions women make towards economic growth

The current financial crisis presents a real need to challenge ourselves and to rethink the way we do things. We need to draw on the widest range of talent. Now is the time to realize and harness the positive effect that women’s economic empowerment and leadership can have on the global economy.

05 February, 2009

Married to the Job

Nancy Gibbs piece in Time about supporting new mothers at work even in recession

Top performers always have options—and, Hewlett notes, women are twice as likely as men to voluntarily walk away, not dropping out but finding a safer haven. What worries her is that when the smoke clears, there may not be many women left in the higher reaches of the workforce. “We’ll have lost the mentors and role models for the next generation.”

02 January, 2009

Keeping mum in the workplace

Research News article by Jennifer Liston-Smith and Margaret Chapman published in Coaching at Work Volume 4, Issue 1

Female leaders are discovering that the ‘mothering’ skills they acquire on maternity leave are also distinctly new talents critical to successful leadership