14 May, 2009

Why XX must think like XY to earn more K

Prof Marilyn Davidson’s clear, persuasive account on BBC news - Marilyn Davidson on gender pay as to how gender pay imbalances might be more to do with gender-related expectations than caused by any deliberate or unwitting prejudices on the part of the employer.

30 April, 2009

Citi wins 2009 Opportunity Now Award for Innovation!

Congratulations to Carolanne Minashi and the team at Citi on winning this award. Managing Maternity is proud to partner with Citi in this ground-breaking work. Our group coaching programme for women during pregnancy, maternity leave and on return to work was recognised as cutting edge and enabling Citi to view maternity “as a developmental experience”. This is strong support for our concept of Maternal Leadership.

28 April, 2009

Gender Equality Duty implications for part-time work in Civil Service?

According to Working Families, Part-time work “plays a significant part in women’s lifetime patterns of employment.”  Research has identified that the lack of good quality part-time work is a barrier to women working to their potential and is a contributor to the gender pay gap.

Working Families has undertaken research “to better understand the experience of someone seeking to work part-time in the Civil Service and to look at the effectiveness of the Gender Equality Public Sector Duty. These issues are inextricably linked. The Gender Equality Duty is there to prevent discrimination from happening in the first place. Increasing the availability of good quality jobs on a part-time basis is a vital step towards encouraging more women, particularly those with parental or caring responsibilities to apply. For an individual seeking a part-time role the good will or good practice of some departments, whilst encouraging, will only be of real value if it can be adopted on a wholly different scale across the Civil Service.”

13 March, 2009

Part-time, part-pay: how firms are cutting workers’ hours

piece by Tim Webb in the Guardian with interesting additional comments from readers

Companies and unions .. doing more to find ways to avoid compulsory redundancies than the government.

... partners might change roles as a result. “If a husband goes on to a three day week, maybe his wife or partner will take up part-time work in another part of the economy.”

For the lucky few, shorter working hours mean a better work-life balance. But many will struggle to meet household bills out of a smaller pay packet. “It has a huge impact on quality of life,” Reeves said. “It depends on how close to the edge you are in the first place.”