27 April, 2010

HBR Short Slideshow on the Pay Gap

Interesting Harvard Business Review coverage on the pay gap from a US perspective HBR Pay Gap
It seems that for women in higher-paying roles, such as law firm careers, the pay gap is relatively (and actually) much wider over the course of a career compared to those in low-paid work (such as repair / maintenance work).

20 March, 2010

Mothering Heights: Home vs Work

Anne Langslow and Jennifer Liston-Smith led a lively ‘Home vs Work’ workshop weighing up the push and pull factors that lead mothers to wish to spend more time either at home or at work, at a conference organised by Oxford Life Charity on 20th March, 2010. Anne Lansglow, under her pen-name, Anna Melchior, is author of a thought-provoking book Mothering: A Spiritual and Practical Approach. arguing the case for full-time or ‘mostly mothering’, including addressing the way in which society and the tax system could be rethought to enable this.
Alongside this, Jennifer Liston-Smith explored in detail the three factors that are behind a change in the way working motherhood is percieved and organised: legislation and public policy in favour of parental rights, the changing demographics in the workforce with employers’ drive to retain the talents of senior women; and the ability of women to be assertive, in a win-win way about what is needed.

A video overview of the conference appears on the Oxford Brookes TV website, reported by Chibuzor Egbuniwe, with some coverage of the wonderful Keynote by Prof. Joan Raphael-Leff and a glimpse of Tanith Carey, whose Keynote passed on some of her brilliant tips for time-stretched mums.
Joan Raphael-Leff - Pregnancy: The Inside Story
Tanith Carey - How to be an ‘Amazing Mum’ When You Just Don’t Have the Time
Anna Melchior - Mothering: A Spiritual and Practical Approach

02 December, 2009

Returning to Work: Guide for Parents and Employers

The NCT and Working Families have sponsored new research into factors affecting the success of return to work following maternity leave. This has given rise to guidance leaflets for parents and for employers.
Click here for the guides

The research, carried out by Liz Morris, and sponsored by the NCT and Working Families was also supported by law firm Russell Jones & Walker.

19 May, 2009

A Parenting Champion for Wales?

The Welsh Assembly’s Children and Young Peoples committee is calling for “a senior figure, who wouldn’t be a civil servant or a Government minister, but who would work with the Government to co-ordinate parenting support.” Committee chair Helen Mary Jones said: “The impact of parenting on a child is profound and lasts for lifetimes, affecting the contribution a child makes to their society. Yet so often the value of parenting is overlooked in our culture, and only gets attention when something goes wrong.