05 May, 2010

UK Major Political Parties’ plans for baby leave

The excellent Emplaw newsletter has brought together some employment law related extracts from the election Manifestos of Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties.
Here are some snippets on maternity / paternity leave plans:
Parental leave.  “We will introduce a new Fathers’ Month, four weeks of paid leave rather than the current two”;  “... we will introduce more flexibility to the nine months’ paid leave that mothers currently enjoy – allowing them to share this entitlement with fathers after a minimum of six months” (Emplaw editor comments that this has already been achieved - see the Additional Paternity Leave Regulations 2010, SI 2010/1055 in force on 6.4.2010).
Parental leave: “We will introduce a new system of flexible parental leave which lets parents share maternity leave between them, while ensuring that parents on leave can stay in touch with their employer”.
Parental leave: “Give fathers the right to time off for ante-natal appointments. Allow parents to share the allocation of maternity and paternity leave between them in whatever way suits them best”.